9th International Exhibition of Rail Transportation, Related Industries & Equipment

01.04 October 2021 • International Permanent Fairground • Tehran, Iran

The 9th international Exhibition of Transportation and Rail Industry (Iran Rail Expo 2021) displays passenger rail industry and services in urban, suburban and freight sectors, different types of wagons, propulsion, maneuver, and generator wagons, electric and diesel locomotives, spare parts for buses, freight cars, transport companies, rail companies providing after-sales services, maintenance services, and insurance services.

The 9th International Conference on Railroad Engineering Advances and Investment Opportunities in Islamic Republic of Iran’s Railroad Industries is the side-events held in collaboration with Ministry of Roads and City Planning, I.R. Iran’s Railroad, Railroad Industries Association, Railroad Transportation Companies Union, Urban Subway Union, and Railroad Engineering University.

The event hosted high-ranking government officials and authorities like First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the top managers and directors from Europe and Middle East region.

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