• Local content

    We have access to local management with a thorough understanding of their market, enjoy close relations with local government, trade...

    Local content
  • At the forefront

    We have a reputation for delivering high quality, high profile and highly respected events. And we are at the forefront of innovation.

    At the forefront
  • Corporate events

    We provide you with the show-biz professionalism to plan your corporate events.

    Corporate events
  • Your route to emerging markets

    Through our global networks and local offices, we’ll help you do business with the world’s fastest growing emerging markets.

    Your route to emerging markets
  • At the heart of your industry

    Serving strategic industry sectors, our events don’t just reflect the industry agenda, they help to set it.

    At the heart of your industry
  • Market-Leading events

    Our events are conceived, developed and launched in close consultation with industry partners to ensure that they are timely, relevant and directly targeted to market needs.

    Market-Leading events
  • Opinion leader

    The consent of the Italian and international leaders to outline strategies for the future.

    Opinion leader